“If you aren’t busy growing, then you are just busy dying.”

That might sound harsh or like the kind of wisdom that would be passed down on the grounds of Shawshank Correctional, but deep down, we all know it’s a universal truth for all things living – for human beings, businesses – both large and small, and yes, even for movements and political organizations.

In fact, it’s especially true for our parties and for movements.  More so, it’s all eminently measurable–  and it all comes down to math. Either you have the winning sum or you don’t. You are either on the rise, or you are receding to the backbench – or dare we say – to a dust heap of history.  And for the ideals we hold so dear: free enterprise, life and liberty – the consequences can be dire.

For too long for our side in Virginia, on Election Day our math just hasn’t added up. And in the weeks and months before ballots are counted there’s been too little focus on growing the actual numbers of our movement and our Party.

That is what Disruptor Fund seeks to change. Our mission is simple: to grow our conservative movement, strengthen and unite our Party, and finally win elections again.

But it’s not just about winning. We MUST WIN AGAIN so that generations to come will be able to grow and thrive with liberty, justice and free enterprise for all.