Grow Our Party Initiative

As Waylon Jennings put it so well “It’s Time to Get Back to The Basics.” And that is what we aim to do.  Disruptor Fund’s “Grow Our Party” Initiative is designed to encourage growth where our movement needs it the most — in our counties, local precincts, and on every single block of our neighborhoods.

We know what you may be thinking. When working “with” vs. “fighting against” our grassroots is deemed disruptive…we are truly living in challenging times. But no one ever said the path to Victory would be easy.

In fact, if you just read the headlines and look at the audacious and unlawful liberal power grabs coming out of Washington and Richmond led by Barack Obama, Terry McAuliffe and Mark Herring — it’s easy to get discouraged.

We understand, but we see things differently.

Yes, many of the values we hold true are indeed on the line – AND THAT IS WHY this should be the easiest recruiting environment we’ve seen in a generation for our movement and our Party. It’s true!

If we can’t double to size of our ranks in our Party —  something’s wrong. We mean it!

That said, we’ll even lower the bar if all that seems too daunting… And we’ll put our actions and dollars where our mouth is.

Disruptor Fund’s “Grow Our Party” Initiative aims to grow the ranks of our grassroots by 50%! This initiative will drive more members for our Unit Committees, more volunteers for grassroots activities and more dollars that our Units can spend on any investment they think will help us win in November. If you are a Unit Chairman and want to learn how to participate – just click here or call 703-659-1100.

In addition, if we are to grow and win, our Party needs to better understand and use technology. That is something by trade, we have a deep passion for and understanding of – and we know technology can help grow our Party and movement. That is why Disruptor Fund is willing to put some of the brightest technology minds in the industry to work for our Units – at no cost.

This party-building and technology growing plan can be a vital tool to help our Party start winning elections again. We firmly believe that even the most minimal advances in each of our Unit’s grassroots numbers and activities will make winning that much easier in November and for years to come.

It’s time to Unite and Grow Our Party Together!

To Learn More or Sign Up to Disruptor Fund’s Grow Our Party Initiative click here or call 703-659-1100.